Blocks & Pavers

Best Lumber carries blocks and pavers to suit every budget. From economy pavers to advanced luxury, there is a color and style for every project.

There are four main groups: paving slabs, pavers, wall blocks and steps and curbs.

Pavers can resemble bricks and stones and come in two basic shapes: regular and irregular. Shapes include square, rectangular, hexagon, round, and special shapes that are interlocking.

Blocks are manufactured to stack and anchor to make it easy to build sturdy walls. Walls can be arranged to be straight or curved. 

Whether you're renovating inside or outside, updating the curb appeal of your home's exterior, or making your fireplace an eye-catching centerpiece, stone adds a natural and sophisticated look to your space. It's a personal touch of elegance for home or yard, from rugged to rustic, the choice is yours. At Best Lumber the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to your masonry needs, you’ll find everything you need at Best Lumber. From brick and block, concrete and mortar to pavers and landscape stones, we have what you need for that chimney or landscaping project.

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