Looking for the right nut or bolt, but don't want to spend $20 for a prepackaged solution? Then you need to visit Best Lumber. If we don't have it, you probably don't need it.

You'll find approximately 2,500 square feet of nuts and bolts. Everything from hex nuts, jam nuts, locking nuts, wing nuts, cap nuts, acorn nuts, barrel nuts, cage nuts, coupling nuts, flange nuts, insert nuts, square nuts, swage nuts,T-nuts, even welding nuts. Let's just say we have the largest selection of nuts in Yucaipa and surrounding area.

Whatever you’re building, installing, fastening, assembling, mounting or hanging, come to Best Lumber for our huge selection of nails, anchors, nuts, bolts, screws, staples, plugs, plates, dowels, casings, staples, and much more. With over 80,000 products, you’re sure to find the right nuts, fasteners and hardware supplies for your project.  

And our customers think we're nuts!

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