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It may be the last thing on the list to get done, but updating your plumbing fixtures can add a unique style to your kitchen and bathroom. With a wide range of shapes, size and finishes, our team can help you make your home tailored to your taste and needs.

You may also see a change on your water bill. Water-conserving toilets, faucets and shower heads reduce water use in the home and help keep municipal service costs down.

At Best Lumber you'll find all types of plumbing fittings including PVC, CPVC, PEX, copper, galvanized, black pipe, SharkBites, ABS, Schedule 80, hose barbs, brass fittings, stainless steel fittings and Bradford White Water Heaters (American Made). We have the largest selection of plumbing repair parts for your home or office in Yucaipa and the surrounding areas.    

Talk to our staff about your home repair, renovations, or about that big project with special requirements you are contemplating. And, don't forget to shop online for all your fittings and piping supplies.

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